Air Freight

- We transport exports to countries around the world and import goods to Vietnam
- We provide a variety of air cargo services such as Airport-to-Airport, Airport-to-Door, Door-to-Airport and Door-to-Door.
- We offer this service with reasonable rate at requests of each client. Professional and experienced Customer Service Team can give the quick response to arising problems in air freight
- We are committed that products reach their destination in a cost- efficient way, on time and in good condition

Market Strategy

- Consolidating the current business model stronger
- Providing the best quality service for customers, including internal customers and external customers
- Building sustainable development through strategic cooperation and new improvement projects (Smart K, Legatech, SmartVN, ...)
- Building a strong organizational structure through human resources development and recruiting many talent
- Investing in marketing, combined with improving service quality © All Rights Reserved.2020

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