Air Freight

+ We can provide a large range of worldwide services to major international airports with maximum flexibility, from general cargoes to heavy, oversized, perishable or dangerous cargoes....
+ Currently, Le Gia Corp is thriving in air transport system. We have contracts with many major airlines and airlines’ GSA in the world with frequent flight out, and big space to almost anywhere in the world such as: Singapore Airlines, , Malaysia Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Eva Air, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, United Airlines, Etihad Airline, Emirates Airline, Qatar Airline, Vietnam Airlines ....

On handling, delivery and customs clearance, we undertake diverse services from customer's warehouse to the airport and contrary:
* Full service for export- import goods includes packaging, unpackaging, handling, inland transportation, customs clearance, international shipping
* Support services: cargo insurance, certificate of origin, phytosanitary quarantine paper, pallet packing, fumigation ...

Market Strategy

- Consolidating the current business model stronger
- Providing the best quality service for customers, including internal customers and external customers
- Building sustainable development through strategic cooperation and new improvement projects (Smart K, Legatech, SmartVN, ...)
- Building a strong organizational structure through human resources development and recruiting many talent
- Investing in marketing, combined with improving service quality © All Rights Reserved.2024

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