- Warehousing is an important part of any transport company. A modern warehouse system, integrating advanced technologies, ... will surely make customers always feel secure about the quality as well as the safety of goods, help the goods avoid risks and losses (stolen, accident, ...).
- Le Gia Corp has an new warehouse with acreage 1,000m2 which was prepared in Long Thanh new Airport.
- Warehousing brings many benefits. Firstly, warehousing makes the production continuous, response the demand in the manufacturer's estimate. Secondly, warehousing creates time-based utility when it is possible to produce products according to customers' requirements and needs. In addition, storage minimizes strong fluctuations in prices, ensuring that goods are regularly supplied in the market.
- In addition, Le Gia Corp also provides more services for production, packaging, grinding, sorting ... to serve the purpose of trading of customers.

Market Strategy

- Consolidating the current business model stronger
- Providing the best quality service for customers, including internal customers and external customers
- Building sustainable development through strategic cooperation and new improvement projects (Smart K, Legatech, SmartVN, ...)
- Building a strong organizational structure through human resources development and recruiting many talent
- Investing in marketing, combined with improving service quality

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